Santa Rosa, California

Buying a home in Santa Rosa will put you in the center of a wonderful community, perfect for raising a family. Santa Rosa is highly desirable because it lies in the heart of California’s best features. You’ll find you are within reach of California’s beautiful wine country, as well as the rich farm country. Perfect for a relaxing day out, enjoy the surrounding beauty of the Redwood Forest, the charming rivers and lakes, and the ocean.

There are several styles of homes for sale in Santa Rosa, including many single family houses. Pick from ranch homes in friendly neighborhoods or exclusive properties with spectacular scenery. Santa Rosa also has five historic residential neighborhoods.

It’s the down town area that really makes Santa Rosa shine. Here you will find three different shopping districts filled with unique shops. Looking for a great place to grab a bite to eat? Downtown has a multitude of restaurants to choose from, including fine dining from world famous chefs.

Art and culture flourish in Santa Rosa. Along with the fine examples of art work scattered about the city, there are plenty of exhibits to peak your curiosity. Residents are encouraged to take part in the performing arts, as well as enjoy the many musicals, theater productions, and art receptions held here each year.